About of E-Athlia

Step into excellence with E-Athlia, a leader in sports education and tech. Our “Sports Talent Hunt” nurtures Olympic potential through meticulous progress tracking via our app. Elevate your institution with cutting-edge tech, including “Train the Trainer,” Video Analysis, Skill Assessments, and Health Analytics. Join E Athlia for sports education excellence


To empower students with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive sport education to realize their Olympic dreams.


Revolutionizing sport education and training with technology to nurture students into future Olympic medalists.

Programs We Offer


Our platform offers personalized sports training with real-time tracking, and adjustments for peak athlete performance


We offer K-10 programs with yoga, exercise, sports integration, and cognitive development. Our app enhances access and tracking.


“We offer universities tailored sports training with tracking, coaching, skill tests, and event planning for holistic athlete development.

Benefits of E-Athlia


  • Efficient Communication : Stay connected with athletes, coaches, and administrators in real-time, enhancing coordination and information flow.
  • Event Promotion : Promote upcoming sports events effectively through the event calendar feature, attracting more participants and spectators.
  • Rules and Regulations Access : Provide sport-specific guidelines to athletes and coaches easily, ensuring adherence to standards.
  • Performance Insights : Gain access to athlete reports, enabling better monitoring of fitness levels, assessments, and progress.
  • Quality Assurance : Receive guidance from coaches and trainers, elevating coaching standards and athlete performance.


  • Structured Coaching : Plan coaching sessions, training, and programs efficiently using the strategic monthly planner, maximizing participation.
  • Transparent Evaluation : Offer transparent evaluations through digital report cards, allowing easy monitoring of progress and areas for improvement.
  • Career Guidance : Provide athletes with special educational support and career guidance, nurturing their growth and future in sports.
  • Academic Integration : Promote a balanced approach by integrating academic schedules with sports activities, fostering time management skills and overall well-being.
  • Motivation and Engagement : Utilize achievement showcases and the Sports Battle feature to motivate players, setting challenges that encourage active participation and healthy competition.
  • Access to News and Updates : Stay informed about sports-related news through the news bulletin feature, keeping players and staff up-to-date with relevant insights.


  • Tailored Physical Education Curriculum : Implement age-appropriate PE curriculum from K-5 grades, enhancing skill development in students.
  • Dynamic Timetable : Manage daily sports activities effortlessly with the dynamic timetable feature, ensuring organized training sessions.
  • Student Assessment Enhancement : Utilize sport-specific assessment criteria to generate skill-based reports, BMI evaluations, and skill test summaries for personalized evaluation.
  • Engagement through Challenges : Boost student engagement with the Sports Battle feature, setting challenges and encouraging active participation.
  • Post-School Engagement : Extend engagement beyond regular hours with post-school activities, fostering holistic growth and skill development.
  • Revenue Generation : Create new revenue opportunities by leveraging E-Commerce Platform for sport-related needs.