Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – E Athlia Sport Management and Communication Application
E Athlia is a cutting-edge sport management and communication application designed to streamline sports institute operations and enhance athlete-coach communication.
E Athlia facilitates efficient communication, comprehensive athlete reports, and event tracking, ensuring seamless coordination and improved performance insights for federations and associations.
Universities and colleges can benefit from E Athlia’s tailored curriculum, structured coaching plans, personalized assessments, AI integration, and extended engagement through post-school activities.
Schools can enhance communication with parents, implement holistic assessments, manage sport teams effectively, provide transparent evaluations, and offer convenient sport shopping through E Athlia.
E Athlia’s Sports Talent Hunt Program identifies and nurtures talent from grassroots levels while empowering women in sports, offering age-appropriate skill-based plans, coaching strategies, and nutrition diets.
E Athlia offers sport-specific student assessment criteria, generating skill-based reports, BMI analyses, battery test insights, skill test summaries, and physical fitness evaluations for comprehensive insights.
E Athlia provides skill-based assessment reports, BMI analysis, battery test insights, skill test summaries, and physical fitness evaluations for comprehensive progress tracking.
E Athlia’s dynamic timetable ensures effortless management of daily sports activities, from school-level to sporting institutes, ensuring organized training sessions and coaching programs.
Yes, E Athlia’s strategic monthly planner allows for efficient scheduling of sports coaching, training, in-school, and after-school programs, ensuring maximized participation and growth.
E Athlia’s event calendar enables users to stay updated with upcoming sporting events, tournaments, workshops, and more, facilitating better planning and participation.
E Athlia offers quality assurance guidance through experienced coaches, physical education teachers, and trainers, ensuring elevated coaching standards and athlete performance.
Yes, E Athlia leverages AI integration for video analysis and biomechanical insights, providing in-depth performance understanding for improved training strategies.
E Athlia facilitates effective communication among sporting institute members, allowing seamless sharing of updates, announcements, and vital information.
E Athlia enables showcasing athletes’ successes prominently, motivating and inspiring athletes, players, and students through achievement reports.
E Athlia is eco-friendly and contributes to sustainability by reducing paperwork, facilitating digital communication, and offering an efficient platform for sports management.