E Athlia: India’s sport management app. Real-time connectivity for administrators, coaches, and athletes. Features include multimedia messaging and holistic sports management. Detailed reports for performance insights in sports institutes.


Athlete Reports

Monitor athletes' fitness progress, including BMI (Body Mass Index) reports, and performance assessments to customize training plans effectively.

Athlete Profiles

Maintain comprehensive athlete records, encompassing personal details, training history, and achievements. Tailor training strategies for individual development.


Showcase athletes' accomplishments prominently to celebrate milestones and inspire continuous growth and excellence.

Attendance Tracking

Efficiently manage athlete attendance records, ensuring participation compliance and aiding informed coaching decisions.

Daily Time table

Effortlessly manage daily sports activities, from school-level to sporting institutes, with our dynamic timetable. Stay organized and informed about training sessions, coaching programs, and more.


Access important announcements and updates from the sports institute effortlessly, ensuring you stay informed about events, schedules, and more.

Social Media

Seamlessly connect with the broader sports community through integrated social media platforms. Share achievements and interact with fellow athletes and enthusiasts.

Student Assessment

Tailor assessments to each sport with our sport-specific student assessment criteria. Generate skill-based reports, BMI evaluations, battery test analyses, skill test summaries, and physical fitness reviews for comprehensive insights.

Rules & Regulations

Access sport-specific guidelines and regulations for clear insight into training protocols, competitions, and ethical standards.

Team List

Easily view and organize team compositions for seamless coordination and communication among team members.

Coach Details

Access vital coach information, including expertise and contact details, enhancing communication and collaboration between coaches and athletes.

Payment Management

Securely handle financial transactions, providing a convenient and transparent way to manage payments for training, events, and more.

Sports Tours

Organize travel arrangements flawlessly for sports tours and events, allowing athletes to focus on performance rather than logistics.

Monthly Planner

Plan sports coaching, training, in-school and after-school programs with our strategic monthly planner. Ensure efficient scheduling and maximized participation.

Event Calendar

Stay updated with our comprehensive event calendar. Track sporting events, tournaments, workshops, and more in one place.

Quality Guidance

Receive guidance from coaches, physical education teachers, and trainers for quality assurance. Elevate coaching standards and athlete performance.

Performance Analysis

Leverage AI integration for video analysis and biomechanical insights. Gain in-depth performance understanding for improved training strategies.

Post School Activity

Extend engagement beyond school hours with post-school activities. Foster holistic growth and skill development.

School Sports Team List

Manage school sport teams seamlessly with our team list feature. Streamline team communication, coordination, and organization.

Digital Report Card

Provide transparent evaluations with digital report cards. M onitor progress, strengths, and areas for improvement easily.

E-commerce Platform

Explore our E-Commerce Platform for all sport-related needs. Shop for equipment, accessories, and more conveniently.


Access event videos and pictures on the gallery. Share and view ongoing coaching and training sessions, engaging all stakeholders.

Inventory Management

Track monthly sport equipment stock with our inventory management system. Ensure equipment availability for training and events.